Bob Foxx is a self proclaimed 'Wobble Bass Enthusiast' from the future.... He plays music from outer space. 


Previous Sightings:

Purple 33 - (Los Angeles, CA) USA

Glow - (Bangkok) Thailand

Secret Island Party - (Hong Kong) China

Ting Tong Bar & Nightclub - (Koh Chang) Thailand 

RIU - (Montego Bay) Jamaica

Baby's Alright - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Music Hall at Spike Hill - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

SubEmber - (London) UK

Ocean - (Bangkok) Thailand

Union Hall - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Remixed Media Festival - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

The LoBot - (Oakland, CA) USA

The Womb Club - (Tokyo) Japan

Philia - (Hong Kong) China

JOY - (San Fransisco, CA) USA

Discoteca Delphin - (Antalya) Turkey

Noctambula - (Ibiza) Spain

The West NIle - [Oakland, CA) USA

The Augie Theater - (Fort Collins, Colorado) USA

2a - (New York, NY) USA

The Denver Convention Center - (Denver, Colorado) USA

The Robusto Room - (Denver, Colorado) USA

Kilfolk Studios – (Brooklyn, NY) USA

PH1 - (New York, NY) USA

Warmth313 - (Detroit, Web Radio) -USA

The National Underground - (New York, NY) USA

The Bowery Electric - (New York, NY) USA

The Plaines Project - (Chicago, Illinois) USA

Water Taxi Beach - (Queens, NY) USA

The Church - (London) UK

Fluid - (London) UK

Public Life - (London) UK

1001 - (London) UK

Exit - (London) UK

WTS Radio - (Surrey, England) UK

Suite 152 - (Fort Collins, Colorado) USA

KCSU 90.5 FM - (Fort Collins, Colorado) USA

Cervantes Ballroom - (Denver, Colorado) USA

FLOW Snowboards: Official SIA After Party - (Denver, Colorado) USA

Discoteca Morandi - (Lugano) Switzerland

The Rocking Chair - (Lausanne) Switzerland

D3 - (Lausanne) Switzerland

MGM - (Geneva) Switzerland

The Stamford Yacht Club - (Stamford, Connecticut) USA

89.1FW WNYU Radio - (New York City, NY) USA

Korova Milk Bar - (New York City, NY) USA

School - (New York City, NY) USA

reBar - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

The Southpaw - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Brooklyn Fire Proof - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Peter Pan - (Lugano) Switzerland

WFC Radio - (Lugano) Switzerland

Discoteca Conamara - (Lugano) Switzerland

Laila - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Savalas - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

The Sky Bar - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

M - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Identity Lounge - (New York, NY) USA

Stay - (New York, NY) USA

Crash Mansion - (New York, NY) USA

Littlefield - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Hatch Gallery - (Oakland, CA) USA

Ella - (New York, NY) USA

Club Static - (Fort Collins, Colorado) USA

Freddy's - (Brooklyn, NY) USA

Square Club - (Ticino) Switzerland

The Funky Monkey - (London) UK

The Strand House (Manhattan Beach, CA) USA

VBB - (Venice, CA) USA

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